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entrepRevUp Montana’s entrepreneurship training focuses on the skills people need to start and operate a small business. Through these online courses students will learn how to:

  • Develop a business plan
  • Find financing
  • Manage growth
  • Market their products
  • Customer service
  • Write budgets
  • Establish an LLC or other corporation
  • Apply for a business license

Courses in Entrepreneurship: Psychology of Selling, Advertising, Entrepreneurship Capstone

Instruction is focused on start-up business owners to prepare them with the knowledge to ask the right questions and to avoid mistakes as they begin a new business venture.

The entrepreneurship program can serve as an important add-on to other courses of study, such as CDL, welding, diesel technology, or machining or for anyone interested in starting their own business.

Additionally, this training combines technical sales and promotional coursework as a foundation for people seeking middle to advanced positions in the sales and marketing field. Existing business owners who need to “rev up” their marketing would benefit from the courses in the Entrepreneurship program!

Fall 2014 Entrepreneurship Handout

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