Canadian Welding Bureau

canadian weldingCanada has specific construction regulations. In Canada, construction companies are governed by the National or Provincial Building Code(s) and CSA Standard S16 Design of Steel Structures. These codes and standards apply to all welding, fabricating or erection companies, including Canadian, US, or International companies. The rules also apply to any company providing structural welded products for use within Canada. Starting at the welder level, all welders working for a CWB Certified company must be qualified by the CWB once every two years.

The CWB program teaches welders how to meet Canadian Welding Bureau standards. Supervisors must be CWB certified so metal fabrication plants in Montana and other states can ship their finished products, including large modules for the oil sands industry in northern Alberta, over the border. Students learn to navigate the codes and resolve issues that come up in their plant projects in ways that meet CWB standards.

RevUp Montana offers Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) courses and certifications that meet Canada’s specific construction regulations. Training services include stackable credentials that meet both U.S. and Canadian Welding Bureau standards for welders, welding supervisors, and welding inspectors.

Great Falls College MSU is the only public Trans-Border Testing and Training Center in the United States. The college serves as an Accredited Test Facility for both the American Welding Society (AWS) and Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) to better serve our regional industry partners who do business on both sides of our US-Canada border.

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