montana oil and gas jobs

canadian weldingIt’s no secret that the industrial job market is getting more and more competitive.

Skilled, certified workers are in demand, and these days, it’s not enough to go hunting for quality employees yourself. Even when you do find new employees, the cost of training is always rising, which strains your business while you get your workforce up to speed.

Luckily in this dynamic job market, there’s a new, equally dynamic partner to work with. RevUp Montana is a workforce program that creates short-term degree, certificate and apprenticeship programs that lead students into high-wage, high-demand jobs in Montana.

So why should you partner with RevUp Montana?

Because RevUp Montana teaches students the skills they need to succeed in the industrial workforce, offering not just training, but industry-recognized credentials that ensures a job well done. By partnering with RevUp Montana, you can get the skilled workers to fill your specific needs, and take the guess work out of the hiring process. In addition, by offering apprentice programs and feedback, you can help RevUp Montana become even better suited to provide you with the skilled, accredited workers that will help your company endure well into the future.

Montana ingenuity, pride, and work ethic- it’s what makes your business great, and what makes RevUp Montana the ideal partner to build your workplace.

RevUp Montana